The Sangreal Model

The Sangreal Foundation partners with advocacy groups for a unique approach to philanthropy.

The Sangreal Model

Understand the need

Every problem has a solution. We think the best way to find it is to educate ourselves on every aspect, and then discern the best way we can help.

The Sangreal Model

Build a team

Significant accomplishments are rarely achieved alone. Sangreal works to build connections between people, governments and organizations that together can affect real change.

The Sangreal Model

Remove Barriers

With the team in place, Sangreal works to eliminate minor obstacles so the experts can focus their energy on the problem at hand, instead of day-to-day operations.

The Sangreal Model

Entrust the experts

Sometimes, the best way to do good in the world, is to let others get to work. Sangreal works in the background to make sure the professionals have the support they need along the way.

The Sangreal Model

Find a new need

Sangreal’s hands off approach keeps our teams supported without monopolizing our efforts. Because of that, we're able to find new and diverse causes to support so we can continue to help change the world.

The founders

This is our passion,
this is what we love.

Brian & Adria Sheth

Founders of the Sangreal Foundation
Brian and Adria Sheth

After meeting at the University of Pennsylvania, Brian and Adria Sheth have shared professional, personal and philanthropic success together.

Brian is the President and Co-Founder of Vista Equity Partners. Today, Vista has over $30 billion of equity capital under management. In addition to his responsibilities at Vista, Brian is also a Director at the GRAMMY Museum Foundation, Waterfall Mobile, MarVista Entertainment, and Board Chair at Global Wildlife Conservation. Prior to Vista's emergence, Brian worked for Bain Capital, Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Morgan Grenfell.

After a highly engaged technology career, Adria chose to focus her resources on a range of charitable efforts, culminating in her leadership of the Sangreal Foundation. In addition, Adria serves on the Board of Overseers for the Department of Athletics at her Alma Mater, The University of Pennsylvania.

Together, Brian and Adria have chosen to channel their philanthropic efforts through one focused organization - the Sangreal Foundation. Striving to make the world a better place by empowering others.